Seven-year-old parents forced to work?

Not content with ASBO’s and raising the school leaving age to 18, the Government seem intent on making life hard for young people.

The Telegraph report in their story ‘Single parents will be made to seek jobs‘ that:

‘Peter Hain, the Work and Pensions Secretary,
announced yesterday that the age at which lone parents will be expected
to start seeking work will be cut from 16 to 12 next year.

2010, it will be reduced even further to just seven – four years lower
than the age recommended by the Government-commissioned Freud report on
future of welfare earlier this year.’

As a seven-year-old it must be hard enough coping with the responsibilities of parenthood but then to be forced into employment? Seems a little harsh.

Always a great idea to get someone else to check your copy.


One Response to “Seven-year-old parents forced to work?”

  1. If you read the original article this is reported on, then you would know that the PARENT of the child is required to work once the child turns seven. Not the child.

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