Buddhists and online marketers share common ground

E-Marketing & Social Media expert Gino Cosme has been urging online marketers to take their lead from Buddhist teaching.

While you might think this draws somewhat of a tenuous link, it’s actually a very effective way of illustrating some of the most important principals we as marketers need to understand:

‘Buddhists believe that everything in this world is interdependent and that failing to see this often results in problems. In as far as what I often speak and write about – integrated marketing – this is very true.

No one marketing and communication activity is better than the other, and as a result no such activity, whether off – or online, should be implemented in isolation of other complimentary tactics. But this goes one step further.

Traditional business management see the businesses they run as “self-centred beings”, which in today’s day and age can result in consumer resistance, which ultimately results in our business’ performance.’

Read Gino’s blog


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