Do half of all consumers create online?

Something that caught our eye recently was a study by Deloitte and Touche that claims almost half of US consumers create content online.

As part of their 2008 State of the Media Democracy survey, they report 45% of respondents are ‘creating personal content for others to see’ and 69% consider their computer more exciting than TV.

All exciting stuff and on the surface would seem to signal a pretty rapid shift towards the average Joe /Josephine Public ceasing to become a passive consumer and instead creating their own entertainment online.

As with any survey or statistic, it’s always worth putting these figures in context – read to the very bottom of the page and you’ll find the small print saying they surveyed just 2,081 people.

How significant is this? Difficult to say – Bebo profiles, Flickr photo galleries, Wikipedia entries – creating content is easier than ever before and given some of the shows on TV… who’s to say we’re not moving wholesale towards making our own fun?


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