User-generated comedy app set to create a buzz

Qube has been up to its elbows in Social Media Marketing activity of late – we’ve just launched a new user-generated comedy app to get users involved with a new entertainment show.

To reach a fragmented youth audience for the launch of the new online show, Apollo’s Pad, we found new and innovative ways to attract web visitors. Meet the comedy stage.

This innovative web-based app allows visitors to create lip-synced cartoon avatars to tell their jokes and compete for top place in an online league table – and it’s going to get budding comedians online buzzing.

Built by New York based developer Oddcast, the app lets people choose a cartoon character and customise its appearance then record a joke or comedy routine to which their character is animated.

As new comedy creations are posted to the gallery, other people rate the jokes to decide who’s the funniest.

The comedy stage is an integral part of the Apollo’s Pad website, a unique comedy entertainment offering produced by Galleon Holdings plc and backed by Sony BMG.

Qube Media was commissioned to develop and manage the digital strategy for Apollo’s Pad, including launching and marketing the show online.

Read our case study

Check out The Comedy Stage in action


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