Nobody’s looking at your banner ads

‘Internet users tend to avoid fixing their eyes on anything that looks like advertising’, New Scientist reported last week – and the phenomenon has been dubbed "banner blindness" by Nidhi Mathur of Hewlett Packard’s research lab in Bangalore, India.

Obviously, this poses a massive problem to advertisers – especially if the stats New Scientist quotes are correct: only 3 people click through for every 1,000 ad impressions.

How are online advertisers combating ‘banner blindness’ – by putting ads onto the pared down ‘print this page’ versions of their clients’ websites. Sounds like a good idea at first – and initial studies show web users do remember ads they’ve seen on their printouts more than those online.

But many, like psychologist Joanna Bawa, believe this effect will be ephemeral: ‘people are increasingly resistant to ads generally, and will soon figure out what’s going on.’

Here at Qube, we’re seeing a growing trend: clients are starting to realise that a smarter way to spend their online advertising budget is to take an approach that doesn’t interrupt the attention of their potential clients.

By assigning quite a small percentage of their overall advertising budget to search engine optimisation, social media marketing and online PR, they are generating more engagement and click-throughs from people who are already showing an interest in their goods and services. And that means more sales.

Best of all, all this activity is fully trackable – just a thought for those of you deciding where you can most effectively allocate your budget.

Check out the article on the New Scientist website >


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