Blame of the week

Blame of day

Things go wrong. That’s fine though, as learning from mistakes is an important part of becoming bigger and better people.

But it sure makes it an easier pill to swallow when there is someone else to blame, that’s why we pick one every week so no one gets picked on here.

The problem is, in a connected and empowered society everyone wants their voice to be heard and negative ‘buzz’ travels fast.

30,000 complaints to the BBC is only the tip of the conversation iceberg:

– 924,726  views on YouTube with 11,514 comments (and thats only 1 of the 57 related videos on YouTube)
– 265 Diggs with 73 comments
– 127 Twitter mentions on one day (Lesley Douglas only got 27)
– 180 blog posts tagged Jonathan Ross on one day (Gordon Brown got just over 200 on the same day)

For a flash in the pan bit of bad publicity that’s quite an impressive number of conversations mounting up!

Connected communities of people are having millions of conversations everyday and these can offer rich opportunities for any brand.

It’s risky though to wait until you make mistakes to take notice of these conversations, but if you do, then make sure you learn from them and avoid being everyone’s blame of the week.


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