Blame of the day


'Credit Crunch' conjures up associated words of despair, decline and depression  (no d pattern intended there). So its a good blame of the day for us – we're blaming the bad guy. But others are less inclined to cast that cloud on their conversations online at present. So shine off your optimism, hail the land of freedom and opportunity once again. Thanks to Obama, hope is the buzz right now so tap into it.



One Response to “Blame of the day”

  1. Instead of putting a Word of the Day, its bad to see the Blame of the day here.. A credit crunch is often caused by a sustained period of careless and inappropriate lending which results in losses for lending institutions and investors in debt when the loans turn sour and the full extent of bad debts becomes known. – Finance blog, Finance, Economics, Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Investing and Marketing

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