Tweet Magazine

Twitter is about to hit the big time, in the UK at least. Up until now, the clued up media types, web 2.0 geeks and technological innovators have been using Twitter to provide a running commentary of our increasingly digital lives. Whilst we have fallen in love with it as an inter/extra agency super speedy communication tool, very few people outside the digital industries in this country use Twitter, and as such, it has limited use as a community building tool. That is all about to change.

Tonight Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) is on the Jonathan Ross (@wossy) show, and if they end up talking about Twitter on air (which could very well end up happening; see here) a whole lot of the Great British public are going to want in on this new community, in order to get instant updates of what their favourite celbrities are up to.

From a marketing perspective this is brilliant news. Up until now we have only been able to monitor and influence 'the informed few', which is good, but does not give you a very broad view of all different UK communities. As Twitter begins to appeal to the masses, it will become not only a highly effective brand tracker but also a powerful and far reaching social media communication tool.


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