5 of the best and 5 of the rest

Every Wednesday we post ‘5 of the best’ social media stories we have seen and ‘5 of the rest’ (Other stories we love for various reasons).

5 of the best

How not to market on Twitter
Great example of bad marketing practice on Twitter but how quick and honest communication can get people back on your side.

Facebook the new AOL

An interesting view point on Facebook and a good reminder on where we have come from online.

Guardian group turns to Google Apps
Our office loves google docs and it is interesting to see big media business taking it up as well. Great for collaborating and sharing work.

Twitter is better than Facebook for business
A survey and some interesting analyses on the social networks we use for marketing and communication.

Facebook ‘withdraws’ data changes
Facebook quickly withdraws its new terms of service after internet uproar. The web moves quickly.

5 of the rest

Elton Johns Alien period drama
‘Pride and Predator’, we are not making this up! Is it April 1st already?

Pirate Bay court courtcase
It has been rumbling on all week. A pretty land mark case for many reasons, we are all interested to see how it pans out.

Toy Story Lego!
Combining 2 child hood favourites (My child hood anyway I am 21)

Im in like with you
If you read the survey earlier you will see this was rated as social network most likely to die. Odd name aside this site is really well built and packed with great features. Now if I can just convince everyone else that I am on the site for research purposes…

Mobile Industry Embraces Universal Phone Charger
Some of the biggest names in mobile technology are combining to create a Universal Phone charger. Good for the environment, good for when your phone runs out of battery at a friends house. Oh yeah, and apple aren’t interested. Suprised?


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