5 of the best and 5 of the rest

Every Wednesday we post ‘5 of the best’ social media stories we have seen and ‘5 of the rest’ (Other stories we love for various reasons).

5 of the best

Whose data is it anyway?
Last week’s Facebook ULA flip-flop is still rumbling on in people’s heads and the BBC asks “Whose data is it anyway?”. Well Facebook say it is still ours.

Everyone loves Google, Until its too big
Google has dominated search for a little while now and has permanently made its mark on the internet, but is its size making it into an anti-competitive monopoly? Let’s hope some of the exciting social media driven search sites can survive and thrive.

MPs ‘talking, not hearing online’
Obama became the first Internet president with all his social media work last year, but how are our MPs back in the UK dealing with the social web? The BBC say they are showing the classic problem of using social media for push marketing and not actually listening to their audience.

How to deal: with social media conflict
An interesting look at how we should deal with conflict in our social networks

Nofollow is Dying: The Impact of Micro-Blogging and Nofollow on SEO
Not strictly social media I know but it is still got me thinking. Is nofollow being killed by microblogging? Certainly a thought provoking theory.

5 of the rest

The smallest advergame ever
A really cool internet promotion that has a unique approach on the traditional favicon

A simple and easy way to clean your screen without lifting a finger. Disclaimer: Qube is unaware of any animals being hurt in the production of this site and Luka is just down right confused by it all.

Ledge man sparks six-hour police stand-off in Hove
We always like to stay abreast of the local goings on in our seaside city and this story just happened to catch our eye.

A new website from the American government that helps teach children not to be so susceptible to advertising. The same American government that through a combination of online, viral, print, tv and below the line PR campaigns convinced an entire nation to vote for one Mr B.H.Obama? Err, yes.

The 25 most valuable blogs are…
If you own one of these blogs you might be sitting on a pretty penny. Personally I’d love to own a blog called “Neatorama”


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