Curses, war and video games in the social media world

Some of the twitter enthusiasts among you will know about the 3rd party application Cursebird. The application scans through all your tweets, logs the frequency of your swearing and gives you a rating depending on how much of a potty mouth you are. It's good, clean(ish) fun.

The creator of cursebird has recently been working with Infinity Ward, the games developer behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare, to create an application for the next installment in the Modern Warfare series. The application has been out for a couple of weeks now and has been a huge success.

The Infinity Ward twitter suggestions box will ask users a question, and when users send their response via twitter with the hash tag #MW2 their responses will be fed through to this page. Users can then rate the other suggestions with a thumbs up or down depending on how good they feel the idea is.

This is a brilliant example of the video games industry using new social technologies the way they are meant to be used. They are not only creating awareness of an upcoming product by generating buzz around it online, but they are creating the product alongside the target audience, meaning that they will hopefully end up with a game that is much more suited to the audiences needs and expectations.

Giving users a digg style rating system means that Infinity Ward can easily see which suggestions the community really like, rather than merely guessing which should lead to a much more accurate response from the development team. It will be interesting to see whether the application can manage to keep the buzz going until the launch of Modern Warfare 2 later this year.

Click here to check out the #MW2 suggestions box or have a look at the original cursebird application here.


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