Social media embrace the rainbow has been transformed into a social media experiment. An overlying navigation menu sits on top of popular social media sites relevant to Skittles. The video button takes you to Youtube, the pictures to Flickr, the friends button to Facebook and the homepage itself is a live stream of twitter users.

In concept the whole thing sounds brilliant however I am unsure of the execution. Already users have been spamming the skittles new homepage with various racial slurs and corrupted skittles slogans “J**z the rainbow”, and the navigation menu is slightly ugly sitting over the top of the website you wish to view.

An age gate is supposed to protect youngsters from anything unforeseen appearing from a source they do not control. However this locks out plenty of their target market not to mention the fact potentially naughty tweets could still be seen in the background.

I have to hand it to them, the concept is largely original and has generated a lot of buzz online. After the initial buzz is the site offering anything exciting for its user base? Perhaps it will but currently there is no engagement from Skittles themselves just a window into the social media conversation.

Skittles you have our attention, now join the conversation.


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