5 of the best and 5 of the rest 04/03/09

Little bit later than usual but good things come to those who wait.

Every Wednesday we post ‘5 of the best’ social media stories we have seen and ‘5 of the rest’ (Other stories we love for various reasons).

5 of the best

8 Tips for Building Community on Your Blog
Some great tips and advice on how to build a blog community from someone who has been there and done it.

Listening to Twitter: Evan Williams on TED.com
One of the co-founders of Twitter talks about its evolution. Fascinating to see how user led they have been. Embracing the community is the most important thing for any social network, you only have to look at how Facebook misjudged its users last week to see how true that is.

Social Networking World Forum
Our very own Andrew Seel will be talking at this event so it only seemed right to mention it. Shameless plug aside the event should be really interesting and we will let you all know of what we find out. If anyone else is going to the event feel free to contact us and we hope to see you there.

Find out what the world is twittering about. One of the best twitter apps out there at finding the most popular conversations happening on our favourite microblogging tool.

Twipocalypse Now: Warnings of a Twitter Bubble
It was only the other day the office discussion turned to the potential Twitter bubble. Fuelled by mass media hype way out of proportion to the actual user base we prophesised twitter could become the next Second Life. A service lauded for its innovation and hyped to the nines but after the initial excitement fades all that is left is the original core user base. This article came along at just the right time and has some really interesting analysis on what the future may hold.

5 of the rest

Ryanair doesn’t want anything to do with ‘lunatic’ bloggers!
One of the many commentaries on the Ryanair blogger fiasco. We even did our own but we aren’t going to be self indulgent and post a link to one of our own posts! Ok……maybe we will….but we are not sycophants! Promise.

What if the BBC site wasn’t so serious?

Can you hear this sound?
This site sparked quite a few tweets last week and was certainly a point of discussion in the office. Nigel, as the only person in the office who can’t hear it, still believes it is all a scam set up by us to make him feel old. I just wish we were that devious.

Barclay card water slide
We always enjoy a good viral campaign. Will be interesting to see if anyone takes the time to make their own entries with wonderful flume contraptions.

Flash mob of Plasticine Morphs honours Tony Hart
Tony Hart was a child hood hero to many of us. He entertained generations of youngsters and this flash mob tribute was a lovely way for many people to show their love and respect for the man.


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  1. God damn you Glenn, do we have to keep bringing up my old man ears?

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