5 of the best and 5 of the rest 11/03/09

It is that time of the week again where we show you the best and the rest from our general web wandering.

5 of the best

Amnesty plants social media time bomb
Amnesty International UK co-ordinated a social media bomb to raise awareness about violence against women in the UK.

Sky News appoints Twitter correspondent…
Apparantly sky have employed someone whos job is to follow Twitter. As this article points out….they are sort of missing the point

This isn’t new and loads of us already use it… just thought it was worth a bookmark for anyone who hasnt already.

Change4Life ‘surprised’ by industry reaction
An argument is brewing between the gaming industry and Change4Life’s controversial advert on child obesity. The message may be a worthwhile one perhaps the approach could be a little less demonizing.

When Skittles Met Twitter
Another article looking at the Skittles social media experiment. What do you guys think of the whole ordeal?

5 of the rest

No you cant use my straighteners!
A picture says a thousand words

Cardboard Advertising Agency
A guy from Holland has decided to revamp his entire office out of cardboard. Does this count as going green?

New ipod shuffle
Apple launching a new speaking ipod shuffle. Fancy a robot telling you what you are listening to? Would probably have more personality than most of the Radio one DJs.

Day Trotter
Stay ‘indier’ than your fellow man with new releases and news from the best of the alternative music scene. Enjoy the kooky illustrations by the creative kids who run the site and hundreds of exclusive live session tracks. We recommend the Bon Iver Session tracks especially…

Fatal Distraction
Possibly one of the best pieces of journalism of this year (I know we are only a few months in). A highly emotional read in which my personal views changed several times. It is lengthy but I would recommend everyone to take the time to start and finish it.


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