Thank God it’s Twiday! 13/03/09

Excuse the silly name, but every Friday we gather up all our
favourite tweets from the last week and post them for all to see. Why
do we do this? Not really sure, hopefully it gives you a little bit of
insight into the weird and wonderful mind of a Qubite.

So without further adieu here are some of the Qubites and their tweets of the week.


RT @SubtleBlade: have you seen this bike accident blackspot mashup?

Ricky Gervais to Elmo: “Why do you wear pajamas when you go to bed, but you’re naked the rest of the time?”

finished at the gaming BAFTAs. Fave quote: Dara O’Brien on Pro Evo, “you’ve become like Woody Allen–loved your earlier work…”


cant fucking cope with this shit stuck printer jam music that we have in the studio today. It makes me want to pick up the mac and smash it


Yeah lenny. You first mate.


@thepetnet on ‘Pets Undercover’, ITV1 – moved to 16 March


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