5 of the best and 5 of the rest 18/03/09

It’s Wednesday and that means we should show you Qube’s best and rest internet finds from the last week.

5 of the best

We Follow
We follow is the latest creation from Kevin Rose creator of Digg.com

Online marketing and charity: a dangerous combination?
Should you really use charity as a marketing exercise?

Guardian boss: PRs need to learn to pitch by Twitter
The Guardian asks for PR to make their pitches more concise, interesting article.

How not to screw up a PR opportunity
E-consultancy on how not to miss out on ‘free’ PR.

Twitter for PR
A lovely presentation on what Twitter is and how you use it. Great for anyone who is still unsure what on earth Twitter is.

5 of the rest

Spoon feeding: Facebook redesign bring feeds
The last 3 articles all mentioned PR in the title, so I thought we would talk about something different here. The almost unheard of Facebook has had a facelift (again) I doubt anyone noticed.

Battery hens get woolly jumpers
Some stories need no explaining

Solar Birdhouse
For the environmentally friendly bird.

Paco Minimalist Living Cube
We like Cubes. That’s why we chose our name. Not so sure we would like to live in one though, a bit too minimalist. Still, it’s a pretty nifty idea from these Japanese architects.

A Life Well Wasted
More of a radio documentary than a podcast. You don’t need to love video games to love A Life Well Wasted (but it helps).


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