5 of the best and 5 of the rest 25/03/09

5 of the best social media stories and 5 of the rest (or 5 other things we really liked. That didn’t rhyme though). If you enjoy this why not Tweet it 🙂 (doesn’t hurt to ask)

5 of the best

Social Media Marketing Industry Report
An industry reported generated from almost 900 social media marketers. In video form for all you web2.0 lovers : )

UK Press Will Link For Cash
A controversial view but still an interesting article

A Control Freak’s Guide to Social Media Influence
Great article on how many businesses maintain the illusion that they have complete control over their image and brand.

Social Media Marketing Budgets on the Rise
Good news for all you social media marketers out there. Surveys say social media marketing budgets are on the rise.

Twitter & the Law of Reciprocity
How to make your business twitter more about your followers and less about you for better engagement.

5 of the rest

Put a donk on it
@rfwatson made this amazing Donk generator! Check out Toms blog entry and the linked documentary for a real rundown on the weird world of donk.

Drum kit
Who doesn’t like turning their keyboard into a musical instrument

Speeding ticket fail
Some people are either very stupid, or get very angry.

Chrome Experiments
Some interesting web games/toys created for Google’s Chrome. (They do work in other browsers but not always as smoothly)

The Journolist
I will just pull what this site is about from the source, “The JournoList is an annotated list of sites chosen to help reporters, writers and editors make good use of the Internet”


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