The writing is all over the walls

adidas originals, the cool little sister of the global sportswear giant, who always manages to be better dressed, more clued up and listening to newer music than her older sibling, has launched an interesting new iPhone app that crosses into the world of social media that everyone is showing so much love to at the moment.

The app is called adidas Urban Art guide, and it uses the GPS features of the iPhone to create a virtual tour guide of all the graffiti, urban art and alternative galleries around the city of Berlin.

Users of the app can take photos of artwork and upload them to the application for others to look at and enjoy, and use as a way of navigating their way around the city by the anonymous visual landmarks that provide a backdrop across the German capital.

The app is so clever, in my opinion, because it taps directly into the target audience and gives them something that directly interests them. The app fits so snugly with the brands strapline "Celebrating Originality" and although the content does not offer anything of major value, it is something the audience can use and at the very least is a little bit of fun. The easy user generated content that the iPhone allows means that the engagement among users should be fairly high, which is what the application will need to be a success.

What is most interesting are the possibilities there are for such an application to turn into a social networking tool. It could so easily be transformed into a young persons alternative guide to skate spots, music events, cool clothes shops, free parties, cheap eats and other interesting events. A little black book for the 1%ers, completely covered in adidas originals branding.

You can find out more about the adidas Urban Art Guide here.


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