5 of the best 5 of the rest (and a special treat)

It’s the time of the week you all wait with baited breath for. 5 of the best 5 of the rest is finally here. We round up the 5 best social media stories, and 5 other stories that we find funny or interesting and collate them here for your viewing pleasure. This week, as a special April Fools Day treat, you will also get our pick of the 5 funniest April Fools gags we found on the web.

5 of the best

Impossible is Nothing

Small but ambitious Swedish agency Volontaire have charged their 3 interns with the menial task of winning the adidas global account within 3 weeks. The pitch is on Friday, fingers crossed I guess.

Social Media Students

Birmingham School of Media is now offering an MA course in social media studies. Those who can do, those who can’t…

Digitally Challenged

Interesting Econsultancy blog on big digital agencies (or lack of them) using twitter as a communication channel.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Omegle is a strange “new” “social media” platform where you chat with a stranger. Seems a lot like a chat room to me.

Social Networks Side by Side

A side by side comparison of social networks, and what they all do and don’t offer.

5 of the rest

Ryanair Care

In case you needed any, here are a few more reasons never to fly with PR kings and all round good people Ryanair.

It’s all Fun and Games

A nice round up of all the happenings and best bits at this year’s Games developer conference.

Hi, do you err, Poken?

Not exactly sure how useful this service is, but the little USB Poken people are cute so in it goes.

Fruity stuff

Probably some of the coolest packaging we have ever seen. Fruit juice packaged in fruit.

Fashion Over Function

What is more important to consumers? Superior technology or superior aesthetic?

And because you were so good, here is your treat. Happy April everyone.

5 in jest

The Daily Fail Whale

The Guardian are soon to be transferring all of their news services to 140 Character social media platform Twitter.

Pizza Face

Pizza Hut now offer highly realistic images of your photographs on take-away pizzas.


Moo.com are now offering a green alternative to printing business cards. Simply recycle other people’s.

Gmail Autopilot

Googlemail have just released a beta version of their auto reply system that mimics replies based on what they think you would have sent.

Oi Ukraine!

Ukrain have been granted special permission to sing the 6 1/2 minute version of their national anthem at tonight’s World Cup Qualifier


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