5 of the best and 5 of the rest 08/04/09

On a lovely sunny day in Brighton I present to you Qube’s 5 of the best and 5 of the rest for this week!

5 of the best

Zappos Map

Those lovely shoe people at Zappos have made this fascinating little map. It’s a mash up of their real time sales and a Google map so you can see what shoes are being bought where! I find it quite hypnotic.

New FriendFeed: Simpler, Faster, Better (Maybe Too Fast)

FriendFeed are arguably at the forefront of the status update scene, with some people joking it is Facebook’s R&D deperatment (which you will see if you read the article). This new real time update looks interesting, enough to persuade me I should actually try Friend feed out.

ASOS tests online shopping community

ASOS is going all social adding forums and blogs for their staff. In the future they are looking to add an Amazon Marketplace style err….Marketplace.

Pirate Moves – Promoting Without being that guy

Interesting article on Social Media. The moral of the story is, “Bring something to the picnic”

Just for Fun

Great video. Actually a decent campaign from the government, good show!

5 of the rest

Celebrities Eating

Everyone appreciates a blog with pictures of celebrities eating. Especially check out what Jlo is eating…oh dear

5 bad words you never say in sale copy

From the title this probably sounds like it should be in 5 of the best. I just appreciate someone who gives me copy writing tips with spelling mistakes, broken english and silly advice. I appreciate English is probably not his first language but the word “Invest” has never enticed me to open an email, unless it’s from a Nigerian General obviously.

Layer Tennis

Interesting concept whereby Artists get togethor and “volley” back and fourth artwork whilst someone commentates. Slightly surreal but I really loved a recent Layer Tennis match from Rex and Cookie

Special Guerrilla / Outdoor marketing

A must see for anyone who likes cool and quirky advertising

Sex offender registry

I am just really not sure what to make of this!


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