5 of the best and 5 of the rest 15/04/09

I hope you all had lovely Easter weekends and are excited that today is Wednesday! Yes your favourite day of the week because today is Qube’s 5 of the best and 5 of the rest. Ta-da!

5 of the best

Ask 37signals: How does 37signals use its own products on a day-to-day basis?

Plenty of companies make software and web tools but how many of them actually use the product themselves? We’re big fans of 37signals here, so it is interesting to see how they are using their own product.

Five simple tips for building, managing and monetising online communities

Our very own Andrew Seel recently held a very succesful breakfast briefing at E-consultancy. Not to blow our own trumpet too much but it went very well. 🙂


Another Twitter app (you’re not sick of these yet right?). This one shows you what the most favourited tweets are!

Educating Youth to Design Solutions for Social Issues

Involving today’s youth (tomorrows future some might say) in solutions for social issues. A really great campaign and message.

Amazon Follies

Amazon caused a bloggersphere storm last week when it removed “Adult” materials from its site. This seemed to entail removing all books with homosexual themes. They have since backtracked claiming this was a glitch. Whatever it was it has been a PR nightmare for Amazon.

5 of the rest

Anti-terror billboard

New government anti-terror billboards are popping up around the country. If you think you can do a better job why not put your own message and slogan in.

EBay plans Skype public listing

It always seemed odd for an online auction company to spend billions of pounds on a VOIP company. Seems eBay have finally agreed and are putting Skype up for sale. Anyone got some spare cash? I will go halves with you.

EC starts legal action over Phorm

Phorm is a lovely little programme that intercepts everything you do online and uses it to deliver ads at you. Arguably its not much different to a lot of what Google does, however Phorm does not offer the same sort of opt in/out option that others provide. It’s caused a lot of controversy recently and now the European Commission is getting involved

Bearded dragons found in bin bag

Not a nice story for animal lovers but one of the weirdest stories I have read all week.

This is why you’re fat

I think the title says it all.


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