5 of the rest and 5 of the best (22/04/09)

I think 5 of the rest and 5 of the best needs a jingle. Any suggestions?

5 of the best


This little tool allows you to check the availability of a user name across 120 social networks. Great for picking a new user name or finding squatters. Personally I have been using it to remember what networks I have actually signed up for!

The wrong people are promoting Social Media

Social media is by the people and for the people. I don’t completely agree with the sentiment that marketing and social media are mutually exclusive (I probably wouldn’t be in a job if I did) but it is always important to remember your audience is more important than you.

Death of the Microsite

Should businesses stop spending thousands of pounds on microsites when they can get the same effect for a fraction of the cost by making Facebook pages?

Sprite – Green Eyed World

I started watching this with an open mind, it is always nice to see big brands entering into the social media space. All that said it is such a shame when a big brand puts something out there promoted as “reality” when in actual reality it is a cringe worthy series of scripted events. Shame. (Ok so it’s not really one of the ‘best’ things I’ve seen this week but still worth seeing for how not to do it)

Boag World Podcast

This weeks podcast has a really interesting interview with Mel Kirk (@melkirk) on Social Media.

5 of the rest

The 10 most ingenious travel offers

The sun is out so it is time to think about holidays!

The most intense website intro ever!

This is for anyone who thinks the church is old and outdated. They clearly have stepped into the 21st century, potentially even the 22nd.

‘Jailbird’ ruffles feathers in Colombia

Whoever devised this should be let out of jail just as a reward for being so creative. (Glenn’s comments do not reflect those of Qube Media who believe in prison sentences being served to the full degree and then some!)

100 Unintentionally Hilarious Spam Subject Lines

I think LOL, LMAO or ROFL describe this aptly. Has had me giggling to myself all day.

Snakes on a plane

It’s real, now get these mother flipping snakes off this mother flipping plane!


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