5 of the best, 5 of the rest..and pigs 29/04/09

5 of the best and 5 of the rest is here to save you from impending doom. If those swines strike me down I apoligise now for the lack of blog updates.

5 of the best

What the F**k is social media?

A fantastic slide show presentation that nicely sums up the answer to an age old question.

Mint turns personal finance into a game

Mint has added game-like elements to its savings accounts. Users are rewarded with points when they make good financial decisions. These points have no real meaning other than making you feel better about how you bank. I doubt they will introduce a highscore table allowing us to mock our less financially savvy friends, would sure be a fun facebook application though.

The power of social media for customer service

Using social media for your customer service and support is very in vogue at the moment and rightly so! Here’s a good example of how to do it right and why it is so useful.

25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing tips from social media marketing experts.

The interview: Yorkshire Dales Food Blog

How rural and online can work so well together.

5 of the rest

Google Maps Typography

Now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with me.


A mesmorising animation short. Great concept.

King says no to Sonic name change News

We all have dreams and aspirations when we are children. I wanted to be an astronaught. Some kids just want to be blue hedgehogs!

The Beautiful and The Canned

A great local (Brighton) blog!

Man set house on fire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter

Sometimes all you need is a headline. I am from Portsmouth and can confirm this happens fairly regulary. I once tried to kill a fly with a meat cleaver, destroyed my sofa in the process but that fly won’t be coming back again.

Swine of the rest

Like all of you we have been gripped by the hysteria of what some are calling Black Death 2.0, swine flu. We have locked the doors, barricaded the windows and are sticking to tinned foods until the whole pandemic has wiped out the planet. It will be just like Mad Max or maybe 28 days later, but with pigs. So here are some of our favourite things from our coughing four legged friends.

Two Scottish People Feeling A Bit Run Down

A very well put together news article.

Who Will Be The First Arsehole To Wear A Facemask?

More insightful thoroughly researched journalism. What would we do without the daily mash.

This is how it all began

Excuse the bad language.

Google maps mashup tracks swine flu

If you need to know how close you are to death check out this google map mashup.


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