May Day Twiday!

A lovely bank holiday weekend awaits, but before you go sun bathing remember it’s Twiday! Take a look at what has caught the Qubites eyes on Twitter this past week.


@nijay: I have nothing else to add. Perfection.

@ShawnElliott: http://vancouver.en.craigsl…

@ShawnElltiott: http://cuteanimals.todaysbi…


@charlesroper The first digital camera manufacturer to be brave enough to stop chasing megapixels come up with a triumph:

@MelKirk Have a meeting with some publishers at Natmags this afternoon & just realised I didn’t paint my nails. Fuck.

@mrtomasz There was an outbreak of swine flu a couple of years ago @yourmumshouse


@abigvictory Thanks for having your kid write out that birthday card at the cash register. The ten people in line behind you are cool with that. Ass.

@abigvictory No, I don’t have swine flu. It’s just a cold. More like….piglet flu.


@tweetmeme 23 Social Media Marketing Tips from Dell, Comcast, HP, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, General Mills, Ford, UPS,…

@MichaelDonnelly Reading: “What Does Facebook’s “Open Stream” Mean for Marketers?” (


@Kerb The govt. needs to spy on you in order to stop murderers and paedos. Do murderers often email in advance?

@mrtomasz: I’m gonna buy a pet rabbit and make him wear a monacle, frock coat and top hat. I’m gonna name him Lord Hutchlington. Yeah.

@jonaths: #channel4 offices (note: more interesting than it sounds 🙂


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