5 of the best and 5 of the rest 06/05/09

5 of the best and 5 of the rest is here to save you from boredom and maybe teach you a thing or two about social media.

5 of the best

Friends versus Followers: Twitter’s elegant design for grouping contacts

Andrew Chen explores the differences between the traditional two-way friend model and twitters followers model. Certainly something worth thinking about, especially if you are ever planning on running your own online network.

MTV Plays Telephone With Twitter

MTV is using Twitter to promote a new game show. They are encouraging tweeters to retweet their messages changing one word at a time. Having a quick look at twitter search it seems it has been fairly popular. Always interested to see cool campaigns on Twitter, let me know if you have seen anymore. (@glennw)

Wolfram Alpha and Google Face Off

Feels like we cant go a few months without the “new Google” being lauded only for the hype to quickly die down. So we will have to wait and see if Wolfram Alpha is the real deal or not, it has certainly peaked my interest more than many of the other recent pretenders to the throne.

5 Ways Traditional Media is Going Social

Traditional media is trying to keep up with these online times

4 Lessons for Social Media Marketers

There may be too many numbers in this weeks “of the best”, however here are the 4 lessons you should learn to be good at social media marketing.

5 of the rest

(the customer is) Not Always Right

Possibly one of the funniest websites I have ever come across. New stuff is added all the time and if you cant find something funny here, well, I feel bad for you.


I have no idea what is going on on this site, but it is amazing. Really amazing.


Do you like Banksy? shame….this isn’t him…at all

Tattoo Fail

Have you ever wanted an amazing tattoo like these fine people?

Freeze That Thought

I thought this weeks “of the rests” could do with a bit more useful knowledge, like how to get the most out of freezing food. A little known Qube fact: Tom’s dad sells cool liquid nitrogen freezers!


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