What a lovely Twiday it is!

Twiday is here with Qubes tweets of the week 🙂 If you didnt make it in and are upset, well tough! You should try to be funnier and/or more informative 😉 Enjoy!


@thespaff: ***MEME ALERT***: Best thing on the internet right now: KEYBOARD CAT http://playhimoffkeyboardca…

@richardhenry: can’t believe this isnt a joke. Add another ! , and then translate again. V different meaning. http://tinyurl.com/cjw43p

@gwarek: http://bit.ly/KdiWL PRESIDENT….EVIL!


@RedHotTalk #swineflu farm – http://www.wired.com/wireds...


@abigvictory “You know why methamphetamine is great?” Any conversation that starts off like that is going to be worth writing home about.


@seelpod: The Independent on Sunday has decided we’re in the Credit Crunch era (It feels all warm, fluffy and romantic now)

@ultimatepetshow 12.15 at the Animal Action Area, duck herding. Oh yes, duck herding. This is awesome. Chick it out. (Video coming)

@ultimatepetshow …as promised… here a little video clip of some duck herding… http://tinyurl.com/c4jfy4


@glennw hmm @mrtomasz has poo pooed hell’s kitchen, and I trust his judgement (hence the awesome Banana man tattoo on my face!) may try elsewhere


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