5 of the best and 5 of the rest 13/05/09

5 of the best and 5 of the rest is here again to save you from your midweek boredom! Let me know what you think via twitter 🙂 (@glennw)

5 of the best


Bragster is a cool social network for daring your friends, daring strangers or bragging about something you’ve done. The Guardian described it as “Jackass meets Facebook” and they’re probably not far wrong.

Monitoring Dashboards: Why every company should have one

Monitoring Dashboards are often overlooked by even some of the best social media types. This neat little guide has some good tips and advice on how to create your own and what you should be tracking.

Facebook’s E-mail Censorship is Legally Dubious, Experts Say

Facebook is censoring messages sent between users. Currently most of the censorship concerns users sharing links to popular torrent site the Pirate Bay. Even when users try to share links to legally sound torrent files the messages are being censored or blocked. A minor annoyance to some people at the moment, but where does this end?

The YouTube Dilemma

YouTube is a great site for young directors to share their creative works and create an online portfolio, but is it becoming a hunting ground for businesses to steal ideas? When does imitation stop being flattery and becoming plagiarism?

A List of Social Media Marketing Examples

If you are ever looking for a list of companies using social media, look no further. Very in-depth list, worth at least a skim read.

5 of the rest


Put any Youtube video you like into this little gizmo and watch it grow into a kaleidoscope of entertainment.


If you haven’t played with Augmented Reality yet it really is a must do!

Where Does an Idea Come From?

My favourite kind of article, funny and insightful! (Courtesy of @rossbreadmore)

Pandemic 2

Help spread a terminal illness across the world! Obviously the original game didn’t kill enough people. Could there be a more uplifting and rewarding flash game?!

Seedbomb Instills Fear And Plants Trees

Bombing runs don’t have to be destructive! Not sure the CO2 emitted by firing them or flying along with them will be offset by the plants but what a bloody good attempt at saving the planet.


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