Twiday is Friday with a Twuh

Twiday is Friday spelt with a “Tw”. It seems this is important when trying to convey to people that what you are saying is about Twitter. Festival becomes Twestival, People become Tweeple and Trains becomes Twains (ok maybe that last one is just what a three year old says). With that very (very) insightful explanation let’s move on to this weeks Twiday, a lovely collection of tweets that were enjoyed by the Qubites.


@mrtomasz Today GlennTomLtd are relationship counsellors. Send problems with your love life to @glenntomltd for a speedy solution.

@richardhenry: This is a great Wikipedia article. I love the examples.


@charlesroper: “Every single person in the [world] should be forcibly made to watch this film” —

@gavinbate: Tweet now bidding at €264 – 3 days 8 hours to go!


@qubemedia: Our MD Andrew – @seelpod – is presenting this afternoon with Jack from @propellernet at the Hub100…

@mrtomasz: I like the fact this *poster* & its Anti-Capitalist caption is selling for £20. Vive la revolucion Comrade!


@glenntomltd Today GlennTom Ltd are angel investors. Pitch your ideas to us and if we deem them good enough we will fund them.


This is awesome: RT @ JackyMisson @JuliaChanteray The Daily Mail dictionary:


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