5 of the best 5 of the rest 20/05/09

This week’s 5 of the best look at some wonderful uses of Twitter. If you are bored of hearing about how amazing everything is in 140 characters skip to this weeks 5 of the best which is filled with the usual fun and nonsense, that has kept us amused over the past week. Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet me @glennw

5 of the best

When Twitter met food trucks

Fills my heart with joy to see businesses using Twitter properly! A great case study for any local business looking at how they can get the best out of everyone’s favourite micro-blogging service.

JCPR Twitter Index

How do you judge how important a Twitter user is? Do you judge them on Popularity, Influence or Engagement? This article explores different measurements and potential measurements, even has a formula! Lovely.


This tools adds some much needed context to your twitter searches, especially handy for this trending topic stuff.

Twitter Tees: Twitter Launches Official Threadless T-Shirt Store

Submit a great Twitter T-shirt slogan and you could have it made (and even make a little bit of cash). Really good integration with Twitter also! Fingers crossed my entry of “Twittering @yourmumshouse” wins….vote for it…go on….please? http://thrdl.es/~/sT

PSP in your hands

Sony’s new online campaign for the PSP is aimed at a younger audience and allows users to create their own “world”. Worlds are created by adding pictures to moving 3d frames, these movable collages can then be shared with friends. This is still only in Beta but it already has some nice integration with other social networks. I especially like whoever created the world of Goat pictures.

5 of the rest

The Daily Mail Dictionary

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when looking through these, but here is my personal favourite;

Internet, The – a communication system spied on by governments, consisting solely of pornography, perverts, paedophiles and social websites. Any child that visits the Internet is instantly turned into a sexual deviant before being chatted-up minutes later by a balding 50 year old man who wants to meet up with her. All information that is not contained on the Mail’s website is false and should be disregarded without question.

Man saves ducklings from ledge

Sometimes all I need is a headline to fall in love with a story. It helps that this one also has an awesome video. This guy is my hero!

Google builds Street View trikes to map UK footpaths

Everyone knows tricycles are one-wheel cooler than bicycles. Clearly Google do and that is why this wonderful contraption has been invented. Google street view, coming soon to a foot path near you!

Having Fun with Money at Work

Looking for a way to waste time at work? Look no further! Now all I need is a ten pound note and I can make Tom look like a Queen.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer

The film everyone has been waiting for now has a trailer. Especially love the final 10 seconds when it is proved that you are never ever safe from a shark attack. Stay alert people!


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