There is no day quite like Twiday

It’s Twiday! Which means after reading this you should go home and enjoy your three day weekend! Don’t worry what your boss says, when you are done with this just leave. You’ll thank me later! I appreciate thanks and comments via twitter 🙂 @glennw


@GlennTomLTD: we are real business men now! We share a suit…and i get the jacket 😀

@brightonargus: Brighton street nominated for top design award (love this road, why cant they all be like it)

@ShawnElliott: Read the reviews:

@richardhenry: Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars.


@marcthevet last week’s school visit made the paper!

@jack A small step which will make a huge difference right now: text SWAT to 20222 to send $5 to the UNHCR for Pakistani @refugees.


@glennw – This shook @glenntomltd to its very foundations this morning!

@abigvictory If your favorite band is on a constant loop in a trendy clothing store, we might not be musically compatible.

@nonlinearmind I wonder if Houdini the magician used Houdini the corkscrew to get fucked up on wine before his escapes or if he opened the bottles w magic.


@JackyMisson: Wow, like this! RT@mikeashworth remember polaroid instant cameras? digital camera has internal printer

@icrossing_uk: Wolfram Alpha – what does search community think? iCrosing’s Paul Doleman and others share thoughts

@qubemedia: New strategy director! Welcome Fiona…

@Prycie: 25 twitter aps to manage multiple accounts

@em22: Research on attitudes to social media as a means to make purchase decisions. 83% of online use social media


@thepetnet RT @kaimac best Twitter story yet. @sockington (a cat) amasses half a million followers in three months :


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