5 of the best and 5 of the rest: Run for your lives it’s RUBBERDUCKZILLA!

5 of the best and 5 of the rest has arrived to save you from a miserable wet day and bring a little bit of joy and knowledge to your otherwise mundane life.

5 of the best

Twitter Fall

Lay back and watch the tweets just roll in. A very visual way to check out a trending topic or any other Twitter search term you wish.

Joke review boosts T-shirt sales

This was going to be in 5 of the rest but I thought it was far too important to be associated with that drivel. A social media campaign, started by users, that increased sales by 2,300%, surely that is every businesses dream? Not so for some people it seems “We appreciate humour as much as the next company, but we don’t approve of some of the remarks.” That said I think they are probably a little happy deep down.

Negative ads may not be nice, but they work

Now this isn’t very social! It seems that businesses are doing well from knocking their rivals. Time to put it to the test; did you know @mrtomasz is a boring rambling fool and that @glennw is much more interesting! You do now.


Ever thought about recreating your favourite social media logos in Heltavica. Well some lovely chap has gone to the trouble so you dont have to!

Spam Is Back, With a (Social Networking) Vengeance

Guess who’s back, back again, spam is back, tell a friend. If you haven’t noticed yet spam has been invading our social networking spaces as well as our inbox. I look forward to plenty more followers called @O4CGX2

5 of the rest


I’ve posted a couple of augmented reality tools before but this is be far the best! Make sure you print out the magic symbol (there is a very helpful instructional video if you click “How to play”)

Unemployed Gray

Our good friend @graemebenstead is settling into the life of unemployment with style. Check out the video, oh and tell your friends, see if we can just get him a couple more views.


This little robot is so cute! An art student decided to find out if she could get a robot from one side of the park to the other, with the help of strangers. The little cardboard chap could only go forwards so strangers would have to help point him in the right direction to make his goal.

Office Supplies Challenge: Liquid Fuel Rocket

Dont try this at home! (or at work) so tempting though!

A close-knit community: Meet the ladies who’ve spent years stitching their entire Kent village

I cant believe I was so quick to dismiss the Daily Mail. They have almost won me back over with this great piece of investigative journalism. By almost won me over, I mean I will still never read the paper and will vilify it in public, but I will tell people they once did a great story on knitting.


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