The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip Twiday!

Hey it’s Twiday and it is much much much sunnier than the rest of the week has been! Joy! I think my first favourite tweet sums up how I am feeling pretty well. Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂


@tom_skoosh – it’s a beautiful sight..


Brenda Brathwaite on game academia –some good reasons to be less dismissive than default opinion often is



So Astronaut @Astro_Mike hasn’t really been tweeting from space after all….


20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know Via Hongkiat


Haha.. Luckily none of our clients would try to pull this stuff (which is why they are still clients)



@mrtomasz I really like your new Avatar, Black and Pink are so scene right now, really shows off how Emo you are 😀 Love Glenn


Dreamed I was trapped in White Castle during a tornado and Lenny Kravitz bought everyone burgers, but forgot I didn’t want mustard on mine.


Licked up some spilled coffee today. I hated it. It tasted terrible. But it’s F*CKING AWESOME!!!!! COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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