5 of the best social media stories of the week! (oh and 5 other stories that are pretty funny)

5 of the best and 5 of the rest is here on another sunny afternoon! A lovely guide to buzz monitoring tools, a hands on with Google Wave and “The Bloody Apprentice” are my highlights of the week. Comment away if you like what you read 🙂

5 of the best

Buzz Tracking And Social Media Monitoring: Best Tools To Do Ego Searching And Find Out Who Is Talking About Me – Mini-Guide

A really good list of Buzz monitoring tools with a nice table to show you the features they have.


Bing is Microsoft’s new attempt at taking the crown from Google. I was expecting just to find a re-skinned Live search, but was pleasantly surprised to find it was a nice improvement! Smooth and slick interface with a few improvements over Google’s. Will it change the habit of a lifetime? Probably not, but I would recommend at least giving it a look.

The Susan Boyle Effect: Always be prepared to monetize

An interesting look at how businesses are still not often ready to monetize their online content. ITV have missed out on a lot of money by failing to move quick enough.

10% Of Twitter Users Account For 90% Of Twitter Activity

The 80-20 ratio is normally the benchmark for these sort of things so it is interesting to see reports saying 10% of the twitter community contribute 90% of the content.


For when 140 characters just aren’t quite enough.

5 of the rest

Texts from last night

A site for submitting those oh so funny late night texts. This is now my second favourite site behind notalwaysright

Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice

Cassetteboy does it again with this Apprentice remix video, very very funny!

Tweeting Too Hard

“Where self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve.” I think I will submit Mona sending herself a tweet “@monawalsh”

Google Wave hands-on: Weird and wonderful

Hands on impressions with Google’s new communication platform. There are a few naysayers out there but personally I am excited to give it a try.

KFC No Longer Permitted To Use Word ‘Eat’ In Advertisements

So funny I wish it was true!


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