Twiday Twiday, dun nu nur nur nur nur

Twiday Twiday, dun nu nur nur nur nur. Ok so it is very hard to right down Twiday to the Stingray theme tune..maybe someone else can do a better job. Anyway, here are the Qubites favourite tweets of the last week! Would also like to welcome @fionajane to Twiday :).


@ruskin147 My top ten tips for teeny tech reporters.


Green tea… Coca-Cola Plus? (whaaa?)


lovely combination of QR codes and Twitter for book – keep it foolish


Qube are 6 years old today!!



Oooh. Facebook vs Twitter in a TV battle to see who has the most influence. Who will win?


China shuts down Twitter in lead up to Tiananmen anniversary (via @amanda)


I find this pic strangely calming



In olden times we’d chat with our neighbours and had community spirit. Now I can go online and tell the world what d*cks my neighbours are.



“The Day There Was No News” this is art IMHO…



Harvard report: Top 10% of Twitter users ac for 90% of tweets on a typical social network



crazy parkour gymnastic dude, had to just re-watch this video for the 3rd time


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