5 of the best 5 of the rest: Thomas the Tank Engine as you have never seen him!

5 of the best is again rather Twitter heavy, but I guess it is still the big buzz in the world of Social Media. 5 of the rest has some real treats for you, especially check out the terribly awesome knock offs (it is also the story related to the blog title)!

5 of the best

Ten Ways To Decide If Your Business Should Tweet

If your business or client is still unsure about using Twitter this article has some short and sharp topics to help them decide.

25 Awesome Facebook Apps for Designers

25 lovely Facebook apps for showing off your art, making designs and editing photos. I personally use Picnik quite a lot and it is really good web app.

Pepsi Raw puts Twitter on its can

Pepsi’s new Raw product has put their Twitter address on the can for feedback. Anyone else spotted other examples of Twitter in the wild like this?

Twitter hype punctured by study

“According to research” Just 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content, a Harvard study of 300,000 users found. Not to completely dismiss this article but,personally , I would read it with a pinch of salt.

Seventeen things that people are actually saying when they retweet others

I cant really think of any other reasons why one would retweet. This is my favourite reason, “I hope the person I’m RTing this from notices and follows me back.” Obviously I would never do that….

5 of the rest

Wolfram Alpha Is Actually a Frustrated Stand-Up Comedian

This is why Wolfram Alpha was created!

The Fringe Thing

The Fringe festival is coming up soon and to promote it they have built a real time-sink of a web game. There are a lot of things you can type into this thing. A lot!

Peter Callesen

This guy makes some really interesting artwork.

Terribly Awesome Knockoffs

This is probably the best toy I have ever seen! If anyone is going to China soon please get me one.

Robinsons and Wimbledon

I am getting quite excited that Wimbledon is just around the corner. So here is a little fact for you about Wimbledon and Robinsons fruit juice. (A Glenn fact if you will)


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