Roll up Roll up it’s Twiday!

Hey its Twiday, the Qubites have been busy tweeting and retweeting this week. Here are our highlights!



Firefox just passed the 300 million user mark, with 101.2 active daily users. Go team Firefox!


My waiting for Peggle iPhone paid off! It’s only a dollar right now! Mwaha! (such a great game!)


Huh? News? Wha?



Web inventor to help Downing Street open up government data


Help us build a picture of the nations travel habits by updating yours followed by #TWAGO



The 10 biggest lies entrepreneurs tell themselves


Of course geniuses are depressed; stupid people don’t even realize that the Hokey Pokey ends with a preposition.


Top ten online PR fails



Digital Influence Mapping Project: 6 Directions on Social Media Measurement: How Will We Come Together?

Companies ignore social media and the digital consumer at their peril – Brand Republic


iPhone stencil kit from Design Commission (mechanical pencil included), $16.95:


One Response to “Roll up Roll up it’s Twiday!”

  1. Awesome Article I really enjoyed it.

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