5 of the best and 5 of the rest: Where’s The Party (Cat)?

This weeks best shows off some really useful social media case studies. Using examples of how other companies have used social media is often the best way of explaining how it all works, they can also be quite inspiring. The rest has a few things to make you giggle, my favourite being the adorable party cat (he is so cute!).

5 of the best

The Top 10 Viral Marketing Campaigns Of All Time

If you are looking for inspiration on going viral look no further! My personal favourite is the football clip, pretty sure it is not 100% real.

Examples of social media success stories

The best way to explain how social media or platform works is with examples. If your client’s view on Twitter is still, “isn’t that just full of people saying what they had for breakfast.” show them what other companies, potentially their competitors, are using it for.

Guy #3

This is a great real world example of how groups can form. It usually takes a few brave people to start and join in but it can very quickly snowball. If you follow the link Seth Godin will probably explain it better 😛

Where’s The Party?

Calsberg are just about to launch their new where’s the party phone app. You can use it to find out where the big events are and where everyone is hanging out. The site is still in Beta at the moment but it will be interesting to see what the take up is like when it launches.

6 Directions on Social Media Measurement: How Will We Come Together?

One of the big sticking points for social media for many people is still measurement. Lots of organisations have their own opinion on how it should be done, can they all come together?

5 of the rest

Party Cat

I’m not normally a fan of webcomics but this one really made me chuckle. Owning a Party Cat would be awesome! (for a while). Luka is sort of our own Party Dog, except she sleeps more than she parties.

Mind-Melting Demo Disasters

An indie record label has been going through its old demos and posting up some of the more unusual/funny/terrible ones they find. Prepare to have your musical tastes insulted.

I Stole Your Images and Now I’m Suing You

Oh internet, never change!

Photographs by Kevin Van Aelst [food art]

Some really clever and interesting photos. It makes you realise that Art isn’t always about your technique but about your ideas.

Apple WWDC – The App Store Wall

And finally here is Apple’s app store visualised for a recent event. Mesmerising.


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