Only 30% of people know where their lungs are (Twiday)

Todays trending topics are unsurprisingly Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett related and the problems in Iran are still fresh in our minds so Twiday is here to cheer you up!

@glennw‘s favourites


Very sad about Michael Jackson. HABITAT – for all your furniture needs –


Robot chefs flip pancakes, creepily sort sushi and pastries:


Jurassic Park Dinosaurs sound less scary when saying “Heyyyy” LOL


Beautifully simple solution to the problem of bulky british plugs

@mrtomasz‘s favourites


RIP (via @tobybarnes)


Bonnie Tyler, literal video version….awesome. (FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY)

@glennw (Glenn fake retweeted me)

RT @mrtomasz: I am so funny I make everyone laugh with my tweets….even this one is funny…I made @glennw laugh so hard he puked! I rule.

@nijay‘s favourites


I’m lost for words… only 30% of people know where their lungs are


…at times like these, Sky Newsreaders become like slightly upmarket QVC hosts. Having to ad lib with not enough to say.


New Buzz Study: Iran election crisis gives media power to individuals


L’Oreal are found guilty of racism, Time to ditch those products – they’re not worth it

@fionajane‘s favourites


Do U Make These 7 Common Mistakes & Bore People Half to Death? (Take heed – good conversation tips)

@MonaWalsh‘s favourites


It’s ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ tomorrow! Walkies #TWAGO

World’s Biggest Puppy Party #Brighton 19th Sept 2009


Worst Daily Mail poll ever. Vote yes to skew the results and pass it on


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