Billie Tweets is not my lover! (5 of the best)

Here are Qubes highlights of the week. 5 of the best social media stories for you to digest and 5 of the rest (things we found intersting, funny or just useful).

5 of the best

Outlook’s broken let’s fix it

Microsoft is changing the way Outlook renders emails, angering a lot of Email marketers. So a petition was put together and a campaign run on twitter. The petition site is visually pleasing to watch as tweets pop up and avatars slide along. Watching the petition signings happening in real time is quite facinating. Thousands of people had signed up and tweeted about it within a couple of hours, a truely great social media success. The best part of it, Microsoft responded.

10 Excellent Rewards You Can Offer Members That Don’t Cost A Penny

Rewards and incentives are really important for getting good engagement in social media. Try using some of these suggestions in your campaigns and let us know how it works out.

How to Demo Twitter

Practically everyone who loves Twitter (myself included) has at some point struggled to explain to someone else why they should too. This article is full of resources to help you convert more of the masses into twitterati.

Buzz Stream

This tool is really good for mapping communities and keeping track of conversations you are having. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone out their running their own social media campaign.


Slightly shameless plug for a campaign we are running. Hopefully some of you have been involved or seen someone #twago’ing. We always appreciate feedback so please comment here or check out the blog and Twitter.

5 of the rest

Jonathan from Spotify

Anyone who uses Spotify to listen to music will have heard of “Jonathan”. This website tells you an awful lot more about him! (sort of)

Giant Model Railroad Is an Analog SimCity

The world is full of amazing people who do amazing things. This isn’t neceseraly one of them but I am glad the internet brought me this.

Fresh Creation

“Inspiration for creative minds” couldnt’ve put it better myself 🙂

Billie Tweets

Of all the internet tributes to Michael jackson this is probably my favourite. (Also this, it was made way before recent events but it is still cool)

Jump Digital

@greamebenstead is a good friend of Qube and we wish him well in his new venture with Jump Digital.  Check out his blog, he also knows a lot about social media!


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