Delight your customers with social media

We all agree that loyal customers are a good thing right?  We also accept the growing evidence that advocacy is a brands holy grail – and that advocacy is at its highest with loyal, happy and delighted customers.   The many theories around loyalty and advocacy seem to all point to two key dynamics for consideration – your customers expectation and your customers experience – and if the two are high then you get a delighted customer.  Excuse the marketing matrix, but it goes something like this:

delight matrix

Based on this is surprises me that still so many brands ignore the significant opportunity social media offers to both enhance a customers experience and understand their expectations.   Social media allows you to listen to what your customers say about you and understand more about their needs / expectations, it allows you to have a direct dialogue with them before during and after the more traditional purchase contact has been made, and crucially it allows you to respond to those that are falling in the disappointed or worse, in the disgusted boxes.

Social media puts customers and conversations with those customers at the heart of your business.  It offers the potential to both manage your customers expectations and deliver an enhanced customer experience, to basically deliver delighted customers.   I think it goes beyond just customer service (that term feels more about satisfaction than delight) but its a familiar place to start for most and i think Fresh Networks summed it up perfectly in a recent post about how customer service is the new marketing.

If you want delighted customers to come back for more and spread the word, then maybe social media is the answer you have been waiting for….


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