Brighton and Hove residents #TWAGO their journeys around the city!


Micro blogging tool Twitter has been the stage for environmentally conscious residents of Brighton & Hove to broadcast whether they’re walking, cycling, driving or riding the bus on their journeys around the city.

Social media marketing agency Qube Media is using Twitter as an innovative market research tool, with fascinating results. Working with PBA and Brighton & Hove council, the project is igniting conversation among the city’s residents about their transport decisions.

How do you travel about the city?
Qube’s Stratey Director Fiona Grantham said: “We rarely think about why we choose one transport mode over another, and that’s probably because the things that drive those decisions vary from person to person, and from day to day. In that market reality it becomes impossible to engage everyone on this subject at the same time!

Twitter has enabled us to do just that, as a personal broadcasting tool it lends itself perfectly to capture the daily transport decisions of Brighton & Hove residents. Since we begun just over two weeks ago on 15th June, we have had over 200 twago tweets and have attracted nearly 100 followers to the twago twitter account.

Not only have we reached out to and engaged a fragmented audience but we have begun to build a fascinating picture of whether people prefer to walk, cycle, drive or catch the bus around Brighton & Hove.”

People have even begun to publicly question their own transport decisions as a result of the twago initiative, as this ‘Tweet’ demonstrates:

“It’s excellent. Makes me think I ought to try the bus for @hovetuttle tomorrow. #twago”

Get involved with #twago
The campaign has had a great response and Qube is calling for more people to take part in order to build up an accurate picture of Brighton and Hove’s travel habits.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a fair weather walker or a frustrated driver tweet your journey (where, why, the transport mode and any unique observation!) followed by #TWAGO for a chance to take part.

We have prizes, a new photographic twago challenge and a growing insight to share about Brighton’s travel habits.   Visit and/or to find out more and take part.


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