The billboard that bleeds when it rains and other stories

The internet is full of fascinating things so here at Qube we like to show you what we have been enjoying on it. So I present to you 5 of the best social media (and related new media stories) and 5 of the rest (a collection of weird and wonderful stories from the world wide web). Check the last link for the subject title story.

5 of the best

Just how social was Compare The Market campaign?

When is a social media campaign not a social media campaign. Is the infamous meerkat a triumph of social media or was it just another channel for campaign distrubition? An interesting view point which I would like to juxtapose with a video of a meerkat being interviewed.

How to spot a social media snake oil salesman

There are a lot of so called social media experts out there so make sure you know what you are paying for before you buy it!

10 Stunning (and useful) stats about Twitter

Really interesting insight into who is using Twitter and how they use it. You can find the full report here.

All for good

Google is helping to aggregate volunteering websites. Not strictly social media but it is about communities, and people coming together to make things better.

Twitter: hashtag Marketing vs Spam vs Censorship

Is the Twitter hash tag being abused by marketers?

5 of the rest

Augmented Reality app points to London tube stops

Augmented reality is something that always fascinates us in the Qube offices, and now you may be getting some more in the palm of your hand. This little app shows you were the nearest tube station is and how to get there. Check out the video!

Turn a bookshelf into a secret passage

Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond type? Well get on your way to becoming a top secret agent or criminal mastermind with a hidden office! I want to build one now 😦

Dont Even Reply

If you receive an email from this man, do not reply! However do take the time to laugh at the people who did.

21 stunning examples of creative stop motion animations

Some amazing uses of stop frame animation to inspire you!

Disturbing billboard bleeds when it rains

A billboard has been put up that bleeds when it rains to encourage better driving in wet weather. According to reports since these have been put up in New Zealand no one has died in the tradational blackspots during the rainy season. A very strong social marketing campaign!


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