Twiday night and everything is allright…

It’s Friday afternoon and that means that it’s time to give you our favourite tweets of the week. The only question is: Can I write this blog in the next 5 minutes and get to the pub before all the good seats go?

@mrtomasz‘s favourites

@glenntomltd: Today GlennTomLTD are squash diluters. Got anything you need to dilute? Maybe your Ribena is too strong! Give us a call on 0800AWESOME

@nonlinearDog: If you have a religious neighbor who says you won’t go to heaven because you’re just a dog… then you might be a dog!

@prancehall: If anyone is plotting a terrorist attack, you could do worse than head to Liverpool St. Station at 6pm for the planned ‘Moonwalk’ flashmob.

@glennw‘s favourites

@pkollar: A clip from the upcoming video game episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit:

@RussFrushtick: Ok, I’ve had enough

@gwarek: An Asteroids film? What.

@nijay‘s favourites

@twago: This is one big bike!

@MrsPBoutique: Dear #moonfruit please can i be picked randomly, kthanxbai x

@twhume: OH: “its not porn if you know their names”

@monawalsh‘s favourites

@empika: this advert is horrible:

@tashjudd: YouthNet’s looking for a marketing officer… Anyone interested in joining the team?

@seelpod‘s favourite

@builtbydave In Google’s Image Search, you can now filter on Creative Commons. A nice win for CC.

Phew. Not quite 5 minutes, but less than 10. Go me.


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