The ABC’s of Social Media with Tyrone the T-rex (5 of the best)

Our best social media stories and  5 other random things that may or may not be interesting.

5 of the best

The A-B-C’s of social media

A quick A to Z run down of important things you should know about social media.

Zappos is Powered by The Empowerment of Employees

Zappos is often  hailed as the king of social media in business. Here is some insight into how they operate and why they do what they do. Fascinating company with a brlliant philosophy.

No-cost marketing for hobbyist sites

If you are a small business or running a site for your hobby, paying for a big budget social media campaign isn’t really an option. This article gives some good advice on making your first steps into using social media, SEO and paid ads to help market your site.

Engagement DB report

A report on how social big businesses really are and how they are doing it. Completely free so check out the flashy graph and download the PDF.

Twitter do’s and don’ts for brands

There have been a few high profile twitter disasters recently so the FT have looked into the do’s and dont’s of brand activity on Twitter.

5 of the rest


Shidonni is a social network for kids. What is so impressive about it is how it allows their creativity to come to life! You create an animal with the simple in browser drawing tools and before you know it your little guy is running around. A few clicks later and he is eating food you have drawn for him and creating tiny offspring. There are plenty of other games for children to play on their own or with friends and they all make use of their customised creature. It is completly free to try so (as long as no one is looking) I heartedly recommend you give it a go. (Below is my creature Tyrone, he is a T-rex….ANYWAY!)

p.s Tom is genuinely angry that he cannot get this to work on his work computer so it must be good.


Kemp Folds

This has been making its way around the internet recently, a blog devoted to folded pictures of Ross Kemp for comedic effect. What more could you want from a blog!

Thief Compliments Victim in Hand-Written Note

This note has a lesson for us all! How courteous of him (or her, we aren’t sexist with our criminals)

Tacky Weddings

Some of the tackiest weddings ever devised! Needs to be seen to be believed. There is also a link on there to Passive Aggresive Notes which also contains funny :).

World Without Criticism

Is social media creating a world where everything rises to the middle? My favourite quote is “In a world without critics, we’re missing the ‘because’.” It’s only 10 minutes long so i would recommend giving it a watch and keeping it in mind with your social media strategies.

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