So what is this Twitter thing anyway?


I went to a twitter event (“So what is this twitter thing anyway”) the other evening hosted by Rob Sheperd from Press Dispensary.

When I got there I must admit I was feeling a bit negative about the whole thing, partly because I didn’t think I could learn anything from it but mainly because I had a splitting headache thanks to my lovely wisdom teeth poking through my gums.

Anyway, as soon as I got in the room, my headache went away, and I got to listen to some really interesting points from people who wanted to use twitter for their businesses but just didn’t know how.

It was really refreshing to hear the comments and questions about using social media for marketing, from people who don’t work in social media marketing. It has made me think a great deal more about what client’s main fears are when they make the big leap into the social space, and this can only be a good thing.

I fear that social media people sometimes get too wrapped up in the bubble and only want to talk to other social media people, which isn’t really the point of what we do. Events like this go a great way to encouraging non techy people to get involved and give it a try, and I think the more people involved the better. Thanks Rob. 🙂


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