Twiday is the first day of the rest of your life…

Glenn is working very hard on some important statistics things right now, so your round up of Qube Media’s favourite tweets shall be compiled by me this week. I promise to do my best. So, here we go I guess…

@mrtomasz‘s favourites

@MrsPBoutique: Kagool rage. Get back in your bag you golden freak!

@abigvictory: When Facebook recommends your ex husband as a friend, it’s time to rethink this whole social media thing. Or use a fake name.

@nonlinearDog: Man, I have a serious case of the yawns. Hope I don’t have to be put to sleep. Get it?! Ha! I made that up myself! LOL! I know, morbid.

@glennw‘s favourites

@stephentotilo: Young gamer on subway asks friends: “Remember that crate?” Other kids can’t. Game developers, can’t you give kids better stuff to discuss

@rossbreadmore: Thief leaves hand-written thank-you note, complete with emoticon!

@infobunny: Wow! @Geeklawyer‘s account suspended! Save @Geeklawyer!

@monawalsh‘s favourite

@timmisson: Skinny jeans look rubbish #everyoneelseiswrong

@nijay‘s favourites

@MarkClayson: The iPod, As We Know It, Is Dying

@kaysexton: Why do I find this both amusing and disturbing? Pagan police …

@fionajane‘s favourite

@benkunz: Useful survey thank you! (Razorfish social media study


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