Back in my day we didnt have any of this internet thing (5 of the best)

Our best social media stories and  5 other random things that may or may not be interesting.

5 of the best

Yes, Your Social Media Strategy Needs Design

Duct tape and bubble gum will only go so far. You need to approach your Social Media from a design point of view.

Three Instantly Effective Social Media Ideas

Here a three ideas that you could use to get started in social media. There are also some great examples of them in practice.

Social media: myth versus reality

Debunking some popular myths about Social Media. I don’t agree with all of the “myths” such as “Social media is about conversations,” but on the whole it is an interesting read.

Social web literacy and brands

iCrossing deliver a really good presentation on social media literacy! Have a read and a flick through.

What Social Media Can and Can’t Do for You

What can social media do for you?

5 of the rest

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

“Back in my day we had….” is a popular phrase of grand parents, so take a glimpse at what you will be ending the sentence with when you come of age.

iPhone App Tests Sobriety By Asking Users to “Walk the Line”

Can you walk the line? Here is an iPhone app to test when you are too drunk. If I was too drunk to walk in a straight line I doubt I would be able to find the app. Still, could be fun.

Drunk Yoga

Even the homeless of the world find time for relaxing exercise, what’s your excuse!?

555 KUBIK | facade projection

So this is what a house dreaming looks like!

How 31 Year Olds Consume Media

A funny tongue in cheek response to Morgans Stanleys recent report on how 15 year olds use media. Also check out how 24 year old girls consume media from our friends at Leapfrogg.


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