How do you solve a problem like Efficiency?

With the remit to deliver 3% net cash efficiency gains per annum, local councils certainly have their work cut out. On the face of it this must seem like an almost impossible task, I mean where do you start?

The good news is that not only does the efficiency agenda mean cost savings, but according to a recent Audit Commission report, efficiency is one of the most important drivers of innovation as councils will need to break with established practices and try alternatives.

Image c/o Steffs Photo Stream on Flicr

Image c/o Steffe's Photostream on Flickr

So what kind of Innovation is happening?

I came across this article published about the efficiency agenda in the States. “Social Networking Tools Stimulate Government Operational Efficiency and Transparency, Government Insights Research” which is about…well I think the clues in the title.

In a nutshell the big idea comes down to this. Using technology that already exists and is proven to work (i.e. social networks), connecting in and building relationships with communities that already exist and are reachable (using social media) has the potential to produce huge efficiency gains.

I have worked on a couple of projects that have used the idea of social media as a path to efficiency gains. I’ll be having a think about how they fit with the efficiency agenda over the next few weeks and sharing that thinking here. Stay tuned…


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