What is on your brands’ playlist?

spotify + howies

I love the Howies brand.

I love their clothes, I love their identity, I love their friendly tone and I love how personable they are every time i come across them whether that’s in a shop, on their website or on the phone.   I kind of feel like i know them which has got to be a great achievement for any brand – to build that personal brand connection.

As someone who works in social media too i have been following with interest their social forays which now span across many social platforms and initiatives.

The most recent is their branded playlists.

Most brands wouldn’t think it was relevant, interesting, useful or entertaining to offer this type of content to their brand followers but i think its a perfect use of social media to express their brand personality, build a brand narrative and offering real points of engagement that go way beyond a transaction.

Its personal, its unique and it doesn’t seem over engineered like so many social initiatives are.  It doesn’t relate to a particular product or promotion, its just about sharing interests and tastes between a group of alike people.  A group of people who buy into the brand and its point of view – whether employee, customer or partner.
This is the kind of thing real sociable brands do.  They have such a strong sense of self that they freely express themselves without the need to over think it.

Good work howies, we can all learn a lot from you.


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