Twiday is 100% fat free! So you can have as much as you like


A slim fast edition of Twiday this week. The only excuse I can offer is that we have all been very busy working away 🙂 I will make sure next weeks Twiday is full-fat with lots and lots of lovely tweets. This week though Tom and Nigel will entertain you 🙂

@MrTomasz’s favourite tweets

Tom cant remember where he found this tweet…he did like it though

(sorry I can’t remember who from though)

@nonlinearDog I know I’m not SUPPOSED to get up on the counter, but this is a bit of an extenuating circumstance. Fries usually don’t appear like this.

@special_noodles monday #twago action

@nijay’s favourite tweets

@eddieizzard: Met him on the side of the road #foundwhilewalking

@rosiefresh: Apparently tis “Hug your Boss Day” !!! http://www.nationalhugyourb… DONT even think about it @mrtomasz & @glennw

@CliveAndrews: think Brighton’s West Pier Trust use definition of ‘survived’ that varies from most people: LOL

@Mazi: RT @Zee: 25 Unintentionally Inappropriate Statues: – what were they thinking! (LOL…)

@timmisson: RT@ preview_says Check out our friends @leapfrogg in the Paid Search Agencies Guide – good work froggers


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